The Trials of Life


A Lifestyle Change

When two people choose to make the biggest commitment of their life to each other, they often have a set of plans in place for...


When Real Life Breaks the Relationship

No matter how much a couple agrees on issues, life can often throw people off track. A traumatic event might happen to one person, but...


Closing Ranks Against the World

When two people have made a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, they have become a team that is determined to wrest...


Making Changes Together

Cruising through life with few interruptions can make people complacent about many things in life, and they could suddenly wake up to their own reality...


Meeting a Partner through Trauma

There are times when life is exceedingly difficult, and those are the times when people find themselves suddenly reaching out. Those who have a close...


A Shared Trauma

Life is full of traumas, and the nightly news programs are filled with them. These reports seem horrible, but the people caught up in them...


Couples Stuck in the Doldrums

There are many dramatic moments in life for couples to work through, but many of them find the most dangerous times are when there are...


Support Through Life

Long term relationships give people a partner to support them through the difficult times of life, and they often come to depend upon that person....

Life has never been a smooth progression from birth to old age, and this one fact has broken up a great many relationships. People often struggle through life, and their partner cannot always help them. Some events draw people close, but other events separate them forever. Relationships that stand the tests and trials of life are ones where both people struggle to remain together, and this is generally a hard fought battle. Couples who persist have found ways to be supportive of each other, and they are determined to remain together no matter what happens.

Remaining in a relationship is a choice, and people tend to make new evaluations when life is difficult. They take a new look at their partner, and they may see flaws they never noticed before. This does not mean they should break off the relationship, but they will decide whether or not changes must be made. Staying with a partner for the long term is a combination of love, caring and the ability to see past their flaws.