The Trials of Life


Closing Ranks Against the World

When two people have made a commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, they have become a team that is determined to wrest the best out of life. Their relationship will be tested in many ways, but there are no definitive battles they will be expected to fight. Life is a series of days where few people are able to predict exactly what will occur, and the unexpected is what keeps it interesting. For any couple to survive, they must be willing to support each other completely whenever life events attack one of them.

There are many times in life when bad things happen to people that are not their fault, and dealing with them can be a time when the outside world would rather have gossip than facts. A situation might seem like it was the fault of one person who is in a relationship, and people will try to tell the other partner to leave. Even if they mean well, they might not know all the details and be making suggestions based on something other than real facts.

Knowing a person intimately is part of what two people gain as they go through life, and supporting each other is the point of a commitment. It makes little or no sense to leave someone unless they have really broken the bonds of commitment. Each person in the relationship must decide how they will react, and having someone supportive at this time can make life bearable.

Life in the modern world can be frustrating and heartbreaking, but these feelings can be eased by a good partner willing to close ranks against the world. A couple who can find this strength together is more likely to be able to hold on to their love and their relationship no matter what hits them in life.