The Trials of Life


Couples Stuck in the Doldrums

There are many dramatic moments in life for couples to work through, but many of them find the most dangerous times are when there are no crises to fight. The doldrums, a time when everything is peaceful and unmoving, can be the darkest days for any couple. While drama is draining on most, the quiet periods are when they have the time and energy to really examine their relationship. Some of them will find it inspiring, but others will wonder if they have made the correct choice.

Traumatic experiences such as accidents or grave illnesses are often times when couples pull together, but they are not everyday occurrences. There are many times in life when one day can be substituted for any other, and these are the times when boredom can set in. Those who like the adrenaline rush of excitement will find their life gives them little to celebrate, and they might be tempted to make momentous changes. If this happens, tossing out even a long surviving relationship with a partner might strike them as acceptable.

Routine is usually something people crave, but it can easily turn into a deep and frightening rut. Couples who see nothing more than a continuation of the boredom in their life can begin to pick at each other instead of working towards mutually beneficial changes. If they make changes that will give them more freedom and excitement, they can salvage their relationship. Partners who choose to blame the other person will often find themselves packing a bag and walking out.

There are no easy ways to get through the doldrums of a relationship, but couples can survive them together. Each of them will need to take stock of what changes they need, and they will have to work them out with their willing partner to move the relationship forward.