The Trials of Life


Making Changes Together

Cruising through life with few interruptions can make people complacent about many things in life, and they could suddenly wake up to their own reality when hit with a crisis. They could look at their partner and suddenly wonder what happened to the young person they married a few decades ago, or they might look in the mirror and see a different person than the one that is there every morning. Couples going through a difficult time are often awakened to the small details of their life that have been less than satisfying, and they might consider making changes together.

When the alarms of life go off, they tend to roar and overwhelm people at first. Coping with an unexpected situation does take all their attention, but their sharpened focus will tend to wander elsewhere as the issues begin to be identified and solved. This is one of the most dangerous times for a couple who has been cruising through life on autopilot. They might find that the smallest details are looming larger than life when they look at their partner.

After the immediate crisis has passed, a couple could take the time to discuss it. Their conversation might appear to wander far from what actually happened, but all of it will be connected through their long relationship. Acknowledging they are not completely happy with their life together could be the catalyst that leads to good changes that will strengthen their bond.

It is often assumed that major changes are bad, but they can be good in a relationship that has unknowingly turned a bit sour. They can invigorate the couple into seeking new ways to be with each other, and it can help them redefine their love. Maturity would have done it if the crisis had not happened, but those who are already mature might realize they were just waiting for a cue to move forward.