The Trials of Life


Meeting a Partner through Trauma

There are times when life is exceedingly difficult, and those are the times when people find themselves suddenly reaching out. Those who have a close family will often depend upon them, but people without that type of connection might find they have to reach further. A stranger who is nearby or involved in a tragedy is someone who could suddenly seem a good choice for a new relationship, and the feeling may be mutual.

Traumatic events help people take stock of their life, and many of them believe they have missed the real meaning of it. They see their pursuit of a career, money or even fame as an empty venture that will never bear fruit. Rather than continue in the same way, they decide to make radical changes. Those who are thinking clearly have a good start on living a more fulfilling life, but those who let their judgment be clouded by events are taking a chance that might harm them in the long run.

Taking stock upon occasion is important because everyday life can change goals, but those who do it when they are suddenly stricken by tragedy are not usually thinking clearly. While their need for change is generally real, their solutions lack the thought needed to make them substantial. Diving into a new relationship is one area where people fail to think ahead, so they should always hold back from a complete commitment until the tragedy has completely passed.

Relationships born of traumatic events are often short-lived ones, but this does not mean there is a lack of true feelings or attachment. It is best to take it slow when a relationship has come from this type of life event. Feelings that might never surface again are involved, and the rush to make rash commitments are dangerous to those who refuse to recognize their ability to make good decisions has been temporarily compromised.