The Trials of Life


When Real Life Breaks the Relationship

No matter how much a couple agrees on issues, life can often throw people off track. A traumatic event might happen to one person, but not the other. For one partner this may be life changing, and their significant other does not understand. Victims of lightning strikes have often found this to be the case, and their relationships suffer because of it. Part of the issue is that they now perceive life differently, but they do not possess the communication skills to explain it to their partner.

There are few relationships that do not have issues when they last for years, but many people manage to get past them. When they are life changing, the odds for remaining together go down unless both partners make an extraordinary effort to remain together. Sometimes the partners split, and they get back together at a later time. There are sad times when a life changing event breaks their relationship completely.

Leaving a relationship, good or bad, is difficult for both partners. Breaking up due to a life changing event often leaves the partner who did not experience it wounded, and the damage can last for years. They do have a better chance of moving on to a good life, but many worry about their former partner. They see this as an aberrant occurrence, and they are correct. It is something that would not usually happen, but they cannot find a way around it. Getting back together is impossible because they cannot help their partner see past the event.

When a relationship is broken because of unplanned events or disasters in life, two people must find a way to heal their hearts. They have lost their partner, the life they built together and they have also lost the future plans they made. Recovering is not impossible, but it will be a difficult road for each partner as they struggle to come to terms with what happened.